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Mr. Noodle - 100% Sunbath Dry Noodle


Origin - Taiwan

We are a group of small people from Taiwan, we care about our growing environment, love this small piece of treasure island, we are also keen to explore the aesthetics of life. In the process of starting a business, we'd like to find some products that could represent Taiwan, starting from e-commerce and then expanding to USA, UK. Japan, Southeast Asia, Australia and other places. What is the most representative of Taiwan, have we thought for a long time? In addition to the technology industry, it seems to be famous in food and internationally. So, we started to visit.....

We visited more than 50 places in Taiwan and find the taste that touched us. Finally, we found that an elder sold noodles with noodles was really amazing. I started to communicate with him and contacted the noodle factory to understand. The preparations, sauces, etc. are all based on the ancient law, and are not modulated by ordinary machines. After numerous meetings, mass production, design, packaging, etc. began, and the noodle you saw at the end appeared.

In the 50s and 60s of Taiwan, what was the food safety storm? Are you not doing food in a down-to-earth manner? But with the development of technology, there are many alternative chemical materials that are beginning to fill the food market.

We only want to use the simplest and pure flavor to speak the most profound emotions. Mr. Noodle contains the blessings from the land. We only provide food that is qualified and even loved by everyone, and we share it with everyone. When you eat Mr. Noodle, it is full of blessings and warmth, as well as a simple and thoughtful mind.

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    When you eat our noodle, it is full of blessings and warmth, as well as a simple and thoughtful mind. For oversea cooperation, kindly email us or iOS message: +886-975-791-267 Sample Request. or Media Matters..

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